Illustration, concept art

Hi, I'm Kellan Jett. Illustrator, Concept artist and Art Director living in San Francisco. I draw, paint, solve visual problems and think critically about aesthetics in games. I have 5 years of experience working in concept art, illustration, art direction for indie games and Virtual Reality. I also have experience in illustration for Editorial and Advertising. Between projects I've been working on a collection of plein air landscape paintings of San Francisco which I'm hoping to publish as a book. 

I love overgrown industrial cities, creepy suburbs, Immersive Sim Games, Painting outside, Blade Runner, Hip Hop, Andrei Tarkovsky and San Francisco



select clients: Sony Pictures Animation, Oculus Story Studio, Cards Against Humanity, Dim Bulb Games, IFTTT, Miegakure, Fig, Area 5, Slate, Ntropic, and more 

Indie games I've worked on: Where the Water Tastes like Wine, Miegakure, Overpass, and few more unannounced


Spectrum 22, 23, 24, 25                                                                                                   Indiecade 2015 finalist, Slap .45                                                                                  Indiecade 2017 Developers Choice award, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine