Games and Projects

Some of the various games and projects I've worked on



A game I made for the 2014 Global Game Jam in 48 hours with Kyle DeHovitz, Johan Ismael,
Rob Jagnow, Megan Prazenica, and Matt Starsoneck.  You play as three Greek statue's turned golems who each have different color tinted vision spheres. Together they work to puzzle their way through a maze like mausoleum. 


Slap .45

A slap based reaction card game I worked with Gnarwhal Studios and Cards Against Humanity. I was responsible for all of the card and packaging Illustration and theming. 



A 48 hour game jam game I made with John McElroy and Jherin Miller in 2013 for the SF indie Game Jam. We don't have a playble build on line but the gist of the game was a traditional platformer combined with a randomized finger twister mechanic. 


The Last Symphony

A game I worked on back in 2012 at the MIT Gambit Game Lab. The Last Symphony is a story focused Hidden Object/Adventure game that focused on using the items you find to tell a narrative. 

image2 (1).JPG

Heaven and Hell for Cards Against Humanity

The wonderful folk over at Cards Against Humanity hired me to do two giant illustrations to adorn the interior of their giant box gag product "Please Do Not Buy this product". The prompt was two illustrations of Heaven and Hell in the tradition of Where's Waldo and Hieronymus Bosch. at full scale the illustrations print out at 70" long and 10"(ish) tall. 



Back in 2014 Cards against Humanity commissioned me to do 11 satirical Christmas themed envelope illustrations as part of their annual Holiday bullshit extravaganza. over 250,000 people signed up to receive these envelopes filled with gifts and gags over a period of 10 (secretly 11) days. The poor souls that signed upwere subjected to a magical gauntlet of puzzling clues, the purchasing and deeding of a real island off the coast of Maine called "Hawaii 2", the death of Santa and a Lizard apocalypse. 


Cards Against Humanity Fantasy Pack

I did the illustration for the packaging of the Cards against Humanity fantasy pack!